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    Sierra College Academic Enrichment
    Sierra College Campus
    Please note that Sierra College may make changes/amendments to their Academic Enrichment Program at any time.  Visit the Sierra College website or contact their main office at (916) 624-3333 for the most current information. 


    One of the benefits of attending Forest Charter School is that students can take classes at Sierra College and receive credits for both high school and college.

    While Forest Charter School is proud of its relationship with Sierra College, attending classes at Sierra College is a privilege that our students must earn. Further, attending college classes can be intimidating and Forest Charter School wants to support its students and be sure that this experience will add to their learning rather than burden it.

    • Download Forest Charter's Sierra College Academic Enrichment Procedures
    Additional Considerations
    • FCS does not readily approve of taking more than two Sierra College classes per semester.
    • Students may take a maximum of 7 Sierra College Units.
    • During their first semester with Forest Charter, students are limited to taking a maximum of one class at Sierra College.
    • Students must follow all enrollment procedures as outlined by Sierra College.

    Sierra College credits* will translate to Forest Charter School credits in the following manner:

    Sierra College

    Forest Charter

       1 unit 

       3.33 units

       2 units

       6.66 units

       3 units
       4 units

       10 units
       13.33 units




    * Courses completed at Sierra College will appear in a separate box on a student's FCS transcript identified as Academic Enrichment. FCS Academic Enrichment students need to submit a report card to the FCS College Center at the end of each term at Sierra College in order to be awarded high school course credit. During a student's final semester at FCS, he or she must submit an official Sierra College transcript verifying completion of all Sierra College courses and credits.

    NOTE: Sierra College courses may only count as honors credit for FCS if a corresponding honors course already exists at FCS.