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    Foresthill K-8 Cooperative

     The Foresthill Co-Op and Learning Center is located at 23221 Forest Hill Road, Foresthill, CA
    The Co-op program features three days of core classes for 3rd–8th grade students. Classes meet from 8:15–2:15 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Students are with their teacher/Supervising Teacher during these times for math, language arts, history, and science. High-level learning takes place in our Co-op classes.  We offer ADVANCED classes to prepare our students for their high school experience. Because our classes never have more than 20 to 22 students, there are opportunities to meet remedial needs as well. 

    Please contact the Foresthill Learning Center at 530-367-8100 or email Foresthill Coordinator and Supervising Teacher Erin Hunt for more information.