• k-8

    Grades K–8 Overview
    Forest Charter School offers K–8 students a variety of comprehensive learning options, including co-ops, block class enrichment classes, vendor-based enrichment, and home-based personalized education programs. Families and students work with their Supervising Teacher (ST) to develop a program that will support the child’s abilities, aptitude, and interests. Our highly qualified credentialed teachers are dedicated to assisting families in the selection and implementation of the program that is right for their student(s). This personalized learning approach honors the uniqueness of every child.
    The K–8 programs at FCS reflect our commitment to the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs):
    • Think creatively and critically – Students will be active problem solvers and use multiple resources and approaches to develop and present original ideas
    • Empathize and embrace diversity – Students will recognize and appreciate human differences
    • Persevere – Students will endure in the face of challenges