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    High School Overview
    High School Students
    Forest's small learning community allows each student to customize his or her individual standards-based program in an environment that allows students to work at their own pace with the support of credentialed teachers. By choosing from program options such as block classes, independent study, Sierra College classes, the Global Studies Academy or a blend of some or all of these options, Forest provides pathways for students to meet their college and career goals. The program allows time to pursue personal passions such as private ski teams, Aikido, gymnastics, dance, theater, mathematics, science and all areas of the visual arts. Further, Forest offers a wide range of college prep, honors and Advanced Placement opportunity for all interested students. Students can work individually, in small groups and/or with a tutor to reach these goals. The advantage of the Forest model is that students can select from a variety of options to create the ideal high school experience.