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    Charter Council Meetings
    The Charter Council usually meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the school's business and administrative office located at 470 Searls Avenue in Nevada City. There are some exceptions, however, so it is best to call the office at 530-265-4823 to verify meeting dates and locations.
    2017/2018 School Year Council meeting dates:
    August 22            Agenda     Minutes 
    September 19     Agenda     Minutes 
    October 24          Agenda     Minutes
    November 7        Agenda     Minutes 
    January 16           Agenda     Minutes     
    February 6           Agenda     
    March 13             
    April 17        
    May 22             
    June 5            
    Please contact the office at 530-265-4823 or email the Charter Council Secretary with any questions.
    Click to view Archived Agendas and/or Archived Minutes from previous school years.