College Planning
     College and Career Planning
    College and Career Counselor with Student The primary goal of the College and Career Center at Forest Charter School is to help each student design and plan their post-high school dream.  Whether the student wants to go to a conventional two or four year college or university, attend culinary, film, or design school, start a business, or go to work in a trade of his or her choice, the Forest College and Career Center can help each student organize the appropriate high school program. We know that in our midst are the world’s future teachers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, doctors, carpenters, and designers (to name only a few of the many careers our graduates will pursue). The College and Career Center is here to help students design a program that allows them access to the colleges and programs necessary to achieve their goals.
    To further support Forest Charter School’s 11th and 12th graders, the College and Career Center offers College Advisory classes. Students can begin taking these courses in the spring semester of their junior year and can they can continue taking them through spring semester of their senior year. Topics covered include: College planning, SAT/ACT preparation, personal narrative writing, and financial aid.