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    PACE K-8 Co-Op in Nevada City

    Peace   •   Art   •  Creativity  •  Environment

    • A unique, personalized-learning cooperative, blending classroom and non-classroom learning
    • Inventive and challenging standards-based curriculum that encourages students to investigate, problem solve, collaborate, and make thoughtful choices
    • Hands-on, thematic projects requiring creativity and ingenuity
    • A safe and supportive classroom environment where each student's gifts are celebrated
    • Recognizing multiple intelligences in assessment and instruction


    To create a program that effectively balances the best of homeschool with the best of a classroom community.  At home, students engage in one-on-one personalized instruction, while at PACE, children collaborate, cooperate, teach, and inquire.

    PACE Philosophy

    John Dewey, a well-known educational theorist, once wrote that in a classroom "acquiring" must not take the place of "inquiring."
    PACE is a program designed with the idea in mind that curiosity, the impulse to inquire, should be the driving force of education. That seeking ideas, imagining things, exploration, and interaction with a community of learners are the cornerstones of a solid educational foundation. The PACE program promotes learning within a non-competitive, peaceful environment wherein each child is honored for his/her individual gifts and strengths, and provides support for each child and his/her family in their educational goals. Life is your classroom. Pace yourself.