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    Work Experience and Career Exploration

    Work Experience

    The purpose of work experience, according to the state of California, is to provide a range of learning opportunities through paid or unpaid employment or vocational experiences.

    The program design includes community-based learning as well as academic instruction. The outcomes of the academic curriculum are to develop skills and knowledge in the following areas:

    • employability
    • career exploration
    • economics
    • legal issues in employment
    • history of business/labor in the U.S.
    • living a balanced life (having the components of work, relationships, self-fulfillment, and play)

    The outcomes of the work-site experience are to develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    • work ethic
    • communication
    • teamwork
    • specific job-related technical skills
    • career exploration
    • self-image

    These outcome goals are in alignment with the most current California State Model Curriculum Standards for Work Experience Education.

    Evaluation for the job site experience is based on the following documentation:

    • work hours
    • twice/semester interviews with the job site supervisor
    • a student self-evaluation
    • completion of a work experience portfolio

    Students should consult their ST to set up an appropriate program for their needs.

    Career Exploration

    Career exploration projects allow a student who might not yet be ready to commit to a specific work environment or who would rather explore a variety of careers in a project-oriented way to discover possible career opportunities.

    Through research, interviews, and selected readings and writings, students create a portfolio-based project that showcases some of their interests and passions.

    Students should consult their ST to set up an appropriate program for their needs.