FCS Charter Council


    Forest Charter School is governed by the Charter Council, a volunteer group comprised of five to seven directors. The directors are comprised of parents/guardians with currently enrolled children, although one of the directors can be a community member without a currently enrolled child in Forest Charter. The parents are elected by the school's parent population and the community member is appointed by the board. The executive director and other school officials participate as non-voting members who provide educational and fiscal information and updates on the operations of the school.

    The Charter Council is responsible for all recommended modifications to the FCS Charter. The Charter Council also evaluates the schoolCouncil Meeting annually to determine the effectiveness of the educational programs and provide direction for program improvements. The Charter Council manages the school's fiscal resources and provides input and recommendations on the revenues and expenditures of Forest Charter School. The Council also approves salary schedules and new personnel based on the recommendations of the FCS administration.

    The Charter Council meets monthly, and the meetings are open to the public. Agendas are posted in advance on the Forest Charter School website and at the Nevada City Learning Center, in compliance with the Brown Act.

    The dynamic growth of the school, supported by these representatives, continues to help the Forest Charter Personalized Learning Program grow in its creativity and responsibility. Ultimately, the goal is to support the success of all students and to nurture their lifelong love of learning.

    If you would like more information about the FCS Charter Council or have an interest in being a part of this dynamic collaborative team, please contact the Forest Charter School office at 530-265-4823.