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    P.A.C.E 6–8 Co-Op 


    The P.A.C.E. 6–8 Co-op is led by Supervising Teachers Michelle Ogaidi and David Stanger at the FCS Nevada City Learning Center in the Spruce and Oak rooms. Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9:00 to 1:30.

    The goal of PACE is to develop well-informed, peaceful, and passionate young people who have a love for learning and the world around them.

    Parents and students: check the PACE 6–8 Blog!PACE 6-8th class at Marin Headlands


    • Math classes
    • Science program which integrates farming – through which students learn and experience topics such as sustainability, ecology, and agriculture while achieving standard science goals. 
    • Language Arts and Social Studies come to life through discussion, critical thinking, and various writing, film history, and production projects. 
    • Foreign language, art, and drama fill out the school day.

    Homeschool Responsibilities

    • Supporting core curriculum determined by both ST and the family to best serve the specific student.
    • Monitoring independent reading and journaling.
    • Facilitating writing assignments or class projects that are due for PACE as well as using PACE themes as jumping points for further home study.
    • The sky is the limit! At PACE, we encourage you to blur the line between home and the PACE classroom and harness the many learning opportunities in the world around you and your student. Journal, observe, write, hypothesize, and then share these adventures with PACE. We encourage students to share their passions and discoveries with their classmates.