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Forest Charter School Documents
 The Single Plan is Forest Charter School’s plan for how we will improve student performance.  The document articulates our yearly goals and our plan to achieve these goals.  It also includes general demographic and testing data on which our plan is based.

The Charter Document is what establishes our relationship with our sponsoring agency.  It details the different elements of our school including, but not necessarily limited to the following: school history, educational program and philosophy, governance student outcomes, admissions and financial aspects of the school. 

  • FCS S.A.R.C. (School Accountability Report Card, updated January 2017)
This document provides information about Forest Charter School regarding demographics, school facilities, our sponsoring agency, teacher credentials and qualifications and testing results.  This document is primarily designed to provide parents with information and statistics about Forest Charter School when parents are trying to decide which school to attend.
 Education Protection Account Spending Plan
Common Core Spending Plan