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    Testing Information
    Kids sitting at tables studying Many colleges require the SAT or the ACT for admissions. Forest encourages students to take both tests and then use their highest score. In the current admissions culture, there is a lot of anxiety around testing. It is important to remember that testing is just one part of each student’s whole admissions package. The goal is to approach the testing process in an organized way.

    Creating a testing calendar is an important part of this organization. It can be helpful for students to develop a testing calendar that allows them enough time to prepare for their tests and spread them out over their junior and senior years (with the exception of the SAT Subject Tests). For the SAT Subject Tests, students should take the tests when they finish a specific area (e.g., taking the Biology and World History exams at the end of the sophomore year when the courses are completed). See the junior and senior calendars for timeline info on testing.