• Home School

    Family Support
    The Supervising Teacher (ST) is the key support for homeschooling families. These highly qualified California-credentialed teachers guide parents in all teacher with 2 students aspects of your child’s education. They are responsible for collaborating with you in planning, monitoring, documenting, and evaluating the progress of your student. They are your resource for the following:

    • Curriculum options
    • Ordering materials and managing the instructional budget
    • Teaching methods
    • Assessing learning styles
    • Accessing school-approved vendors, such as small group instruction, tutors, online classes, and community classes
    • Accessing technology
    • Field trips, including virtual field trips
    • Managing report cards and/or transcripts
    • Graduation requirements and college and career advising
    • Clarifying compliance issues, such as attendance, collection of work samples, and state testing
    • Answering your questions about your student’s progress and suggesting educational interventions when appropriate