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    The Junior Year Calendar
    • Begin thinking about your reasons for going to college. What are your goals?
    • Start planning your extra-curricular projects for this year and next.
    • Begin visiting college campuses.
     Matthew Rogney at Science Fair
    • Take the PSAT test.
    • Attend college programs and workshops.
    • If you might be interested in military academy or ROTC, get info now.
    • Focus on doing well in your classes. The junior year is looked at closely by colleges.
    • Set up a place and files for college materials (your crate!). Create the CRATE project.
    • Start familiarizing yourself with your college resources.
    • Continue to think about the best college environment and major for you.
    • Plan holiday visits to colleges. Don’t forget your college journal!
    • Talk to your ST about signing up for any applicable AP Test.
    • Receive your PSAT/PLAN results and study the materials that come with them.
    • Decide if you will need test prep for SAT/ACT and/or SAT Subject Tests, and schedule your test prep.
    • Begin college search in earnest. Identify the important factors in choosing a college for you. Two-year or four-year? Location? Public or private? Cost? Scholarship opportunities? Focus on your goals.
    • Register for the April SAT I.
    • Register for the April ACT.
    • Continue with your SAT/ACT prep programs. 
    • Register for the April SAT if you haven’t already.
    • Register for the April ACT if you haven’t already.
    • Meet with the Forest Charter College and Career Center to begin your “long list” of 20 colleges that you are exploring seriously.
    • Research interesting summer programs, scholarships, jobs, volunteer work, and other summer opportunities.
    • Visit colleges if able (don’t forget your journal!).
    • Register for the May SAT I or SAT Subject Tests.
    • Attend spring college info nights and weekends at colleges you are interested in.
    • Attend spring college fairs.  
    • Take the SAT I or SAT Subject Tests.
    • Register for any June tests you need to take (SAT I, SAT Subject Tests, or ACT).
    • Take all appropriate AP exams.
    • Narrow your college list if possible and/or add new ideas.
    • Decide which colleges to visit in the summer.
    • Retake the SAT I or SAT Subject Tests.
    • Take the ACT.
    • Finish the year strong with your classes. This is your most important semester.
    • Finalize all summer plans.
    • READ — you are often asked what you are reading in a college interview.
    • Work on rough drafts of college essays and résumé.
    • Do something that none of your friends are doing, something that makes you stand out in a crowd.
    • If you need to work, try to do an internship.
    • Analyze and understand your ACT/SAT results and prepare to take the tests again in the fall.