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    Tips for 9th and 10th Grade College Bound Students
    • Select a strong high school academic course of study — take tough courses! Erika van Dyke doing gymnastics
    • Develop strong study skills and time management techniques. 
    • Develop a reading plan that includes novels, newspapers, magazines, and nonfiction books. These activities build a strong vocabulary.
    • Get involved in a wide variety of activities. Choose activities that show leadership and involvement. Participate in activities both inside and outside of school.
    • Set up a filing system that keeps track of awards, honors, activities, volunteer work, employment, etc.  Include everything!
    • Take the PSAT test.
    • Start exploring college and major options — start thinking about geography, size of school, and why you want to go to college in general. What do you value?
    • Plan meaningful summer activities such as internships related to future career ideas, volunteer work, summer classes, and arts/sports programs.
    • Consider taking any SAT Subject Tests that your desired college might require.
    • Begin visiting college campuses.
    • Most importantly, keep those grades up!