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    The College Planning Process

    It is important to start early in the college planning process and to stay organized. The College and Career Center at Forest Charter is here to provide guidance and support. However, the students must ultimately take responsibility for the process as it applies specifically to them.
    When students decide to start the college planning process, there are a few tools that help them stay organized:
    • Start the College Journal (PDF)
    • Create the “CRATE” (Crate Project) (PDF)
    • Optional: create a WHITE BOARD CALENDAR with important dates. This should be on the wall of your room and include the following: 
      • A calendar of the month that includes important dates (like college planning sessions with Forest!) and SAT deadlines, college application deadlines, etc.
      • A “to do” list for any little things that don’t have a specific date: SAT vocab memorization, college essay prompt ideas, etc.
      • Have goals listed for each week. Example: This week I’ll study three hours for my physics test in a study group OR this week I’ll memorize 50 new SAT words!
      • Questions for Dawn or Janice: things will come up that you will want to ask us about—make sure to write them down and bring them to the next session! You can keep track of them in your journal.
    • Start creating your college and personal “LISTS” for what you want from your college experience—these will help you narrow your college choices. (Keep these in your “CRATE” and in your “JOURNAL.”)

      • Environment (geography—ocean, mountain, city, etc.; school size, etc.)
      • “Must haves” (sports teams, clubs, programs such as study abroad, etc.)
      • $$$ (what do you have to work with? What will you need?—scholarships, loans, work study, etc.)
      • Specialization—what do you want to study? (majors, minors, academic options)
    • Transcripts/grades/classes taken, etc.
    • School-related activities (basketball, drama, dance, etc.)
    • Out-of-school activities (church groups, volunteer work, etc.)
    • Awards/accomplishments
    • Test scores