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Charter Council Meetings
The Charter Council usually meets the on third Tuesday of each month at the school's business and administrative office located at 470 Searls Ave in Nevada City. There are many exceptions however so it is best to call the office at 530-265-4823 to verify meeting dates and locations.
2014-2015 School Year Council meeting dates: 
August 26 Agenda  Minutes
                FCS Budget Summary 2014-2015 
                FCS Cash Flow 2014-15 
                Aide Salary Schedule 
                DRAFT Emergency Disaster Plan 
                Changes to Emergency Plan 
                Conflict of Interest Policy 
                Fiscal Control Policy
                Co-Operative Enrollment Policy Edited 8-21-14 
September 16 Agenda Minutes
                      School-Wide Action Plan 
                      School-Wide Action Plan Summary
September 23rd Director's Evaluation Committee Meeting Minutes
October 21  Agenda  Minutes
                   September Warrants
                   2014-2015 Cash Flow
November 12 Agenda
                       2014-2015 1st Interim Narrative
                       Cash Flow 1st Interim
                       3 Yr Projection 1st Interim
                       EPA Spending Plan 2014-15 DRAFT
                       EPA Spending Plan Detail-DRAFT
                       MOU Sierra College
                       Oct 2014 Warrants
December 16- CANCELLED
January 20- Agenda Minutes
February 10- Agenda Minutes
May 26 Agenda
June 9 
Click to view Archived Agendas and/or Archived Minutes  from previous school years