FCS Resouces

Forest Charter Resources
The goal at Forest Charter School is to provide a rich curriculum foundation which supports the collaboration between students, parents, and teachers in their educational accomplishments. FCS offers an extensive colllection of library books, reference materials, standard aligned textbooks, audiovisual materials, study guides, test prep materials and educational manipulatives which are available for checkout.
All materials checked out from the resource library must be returned to the FCS Resource library when the student has completed the course of study. The student may be billed for any materials damaged or lost.
  • Your Supervising Teacher will assist you in the selection of core curriculum items to ensure that materials are consistent with the course of study chosen. All selections must be approved by the ST who then submits a materials request to the FCS business office. Click here to view FCS's commonly used curriculum vendor list.


  • FCS is able to purchase a wide variety of curricula that is specifically non-religious in its content according to state guidelines.
EdPerfomance Diagnostic

FCS is excited to utilize an evaluation tool called EdPerformance, an on-line diagnostic instrument that will provide you and your ST with specific information about skills your student has mastered and areas that require more instruction. Through “Skills Connection”, the program then customizes instruction to help master those objectives. Your ST will provide an opportunity for you to tap into this resource at the beginning of the school year.